The Baby Place


Minden Medical Center has been providing services for the unique physical, social and spiritual needs of women for years. The Women’s Services Center provides a complete program of medical, surgical and educational services to accommodate the unique needs of female patients. We take pride in providing exceptional women’s care, close to home.

Expecting Parents

The Baby Place delivers more than 700 babies a year and continues to offer sensitive, personalized health services to each woman, baby, and father. Fathers, siblings and grandparents are invited to participate in welcoming new babies. However, we ask that you choose only two individuals to be with mom in the actual delivery. This is to ensure the safety of mom and baby. Parental education is also available to new parents.

Other benefits include:
  • 24-hour anesthesia coverage 
  • Private labor, delivery and recovery suites
  • Modern Cesarean Section suite
  • Nurses Government certified in perinatal care.
  • Pediatrician of your choice
  • Level 2 Nursery
  • Free Childbirth and Breastfeeding education classes for our patients; please inquire about the next available session
  • Wireless Internet access available to patients and visitors

Expectant parents need not look any further for the perfect place to welcome your newest family member to the world. The Staff of the Women’s Services Center are compassionate and dedicated to providing families with an exceptional birthing experience.

When it’s time for that special arrival, our experienced and highly-skilled staff is waiting to offer you comfort and care. We want to share this special occasion with you and we encourage you to make an appointment to visit our unit, tour our state-of-the-art LDR suites and meet our wonderful staff. Please call (318) 371-5660 for more information.

  • Childbirth preparation
  • Breastfeeding preparation
  • Nutrition
  • Infant Care
  • Infant Safety and Accident Prevention

Maternity Professionals

Our team of maternity professionals includes board-certified obstetrician/gynecologists, whom you can choose to help deliver your baby.

Minden Medical wants the birth of your baby to be special time in your family’s life. The freedom to choose maternity professionals is one way to enrich this joyful experience. Thank you for choosing to deliver your baby at home! 

Birthing Center

At Minden Medical Center, we believe that childbirth is a family experience. We make accommodations to be sure the friends and family you’d like to be there can share in the experience. Remember that labor can be very overwhelming and emotional, and to provide the safest delivery it is best to limit visitors to only those there to provide support. We ask that you choose only two individuals to be present in the actual delivery. The Women’s Services Birthing Center permits 24-hour visitation for your primary support people. All other visitors should follow the hospital visitation policy. Your new baby’s siblings may visit with an adult. Anyone sick or recently exposed (within the past three weeks) to an infectious disease (such as chicken pox) should not visit the Birthing Center.

Labor and Deliver Room

No more than 3 visitors are allowed at a time. The staff may request that fewer visitors stay, depending on the conditions of your baby. Visitors also may be asked to step out if you’d like them to or to provide care.

During Delivery

One to two visitors may be present at the time of your baby’s birth.

After Your Baby is Born

You will need some time to physically and emotionally recover from labor and delivery. Following your baby’s birth, you will be able to be together to bond and get to know each other. Your baby will immediately be placed skin to skin after delivery to facilitate bonding and assist with breastfeeding needs.  Your baby will be in the room with you at all times to prepare you for home care with our in room assistance.

Incoming Calls

For your convenience, there are phones in the Birthing Suites as well as the Postpartum Rooms. Our staff will get messages to you, however protecting your confidentiality we will not give out information regarding you or your baby.

Outgoing Calls

To make outgoing calls, dial 9 and the area code. Regional and long distance calls require a calling card or operator assistance. Public phone are located in the main lobby.

Importance of Breastfeeding

Breastmilk is the optimum nutrition source for new babies.  Minden Medical Center’s breastfeeding initiative is designed to help mothers who want to breastfeed through support and education. We have a number of tools in place to help our mothers.

Rooming-in and skin-to-skin contact are both policies that we have in place that encourage successful breastfeeding.

Skin to Skin

Immediately after delivery, newborns are placed skin to skin with their mother. If the mother receives a C-Section delivery, the newborn is brought to them as soon as they are out of recovery to be placed skin to skin.

For our breastfeeding mothers, it facilitates bonding, early breastfeeding cue recognition and greater early milk supply.

For all infant’s it helps to regulate their temperature, breathing, heart rate and neurological development thus decreasing the amount of time they spend separated from their parents. The mothers will notice a decrease in pain immediately postpartum. The majority of their care can be given in the delivery room with little to no parental separation required.

Rooming in

Mother and infant should sleep in proximity to each other to facilitate breastfeeding.” (AAP, 2005) The nursery at MMC follows a policy of Newborn Rooming In. This policy facilitates parental bonding and ensures adequate education of parents. All newborns are taken to the mother’s room and are required to Room In according to the scheduled times.

We also encourage that newborns stay in the room with parents overnight if possible.  We use a hands-on approach and prefer to assist you as well as your baby in your room for your comfort.

While we offer classes to mothers that want to breastfeed, we also help you learn proper techniques and how handle situations that might arise that provide obstacles for you while you are in the hospital. When you go home, we’ll provide you with support also.

Call 371-3424 for information about breastfeeding classes or email [email protected]

Frequently asked questions about breasfeeding

Breastfeeding is not for me.  Do I have to breastfeed my baby if I come to Minden Medical Center?

While we do promote breastfeeding and encourage you attempt if only one time, we do recognize that breastfeeding is not for everyone and formula feeding is an appropriate choice for some families. We will be here to assist you with whatever feeding method you choose.

Why the big push for breastfeeding these days? I heard people don’t really do that anymore.

From a medical and emotional standpoint, the advantages to you and your baby are substantial. The infant receives protection from infection, fewer allergies and respiratory and digestive problems, there is also a decrease in incidences of childhood obesity, diabetes and very importantly a decrease in the risk of SIDS death. The mother ‘s risk of hemorrhage and breast cancer are significantly decreased in addition to the enhanced level of bonding experienced by mother and baby.

The primary purpose of the Louisiana Breastfeeding Coalition (LBC) is to make breastfeeding the norm for all babies in Louisiana. MMC has taken the necessary steps to meet the guidelines set forth by the Maternal and Child Health Coalition’s Gift Program (Guided Infant Feeding Techniques). We were the first hospital in North Louisiana to receive this prestigious certification and continue to stay abreast of the latest innovative research.

Skin to Skin

With Skin to Skin your baby is placed on your bare chest wearing only a diaper and hat and will be covered with a warm blanket. The baby snuggles on your chest covered with a blanket, just like a kangaroo’s pouch. Doctors say that holding a baby skin-to-skin is the “best care” for your baby.  Skin to Skin helps regulate your babies’ temperature and heart rate after delivery.

Why is Skin to Skin the “best care” for Mom and Baby?

  • Helps your baby move to the outside world easier because he can hear your heartbeat and feel your warmth.
  • Helps to keep your baby warm.
  • Helps baby maintain a good heart rate and breathing rate.
  • Your baby will cry less and sleep more.
  • Your baby can be held skin-to-skin during procedures.
  • Your baby will have better brain development.
  • Your baby may take the first feeding at your breast, which is the best care you can provide for your baby.
  • You will have more milk and more success with breastfeeding.
  • You will have better bonding and feelings of closeness.
  • You will feel more confident caring for your baby.

How do I do Skin to Skin at birth?

  • Immediately after birth, your baby will be dried off and placed on your chest.
  • Both you and the baby will be covered with warm blankets.
  • Your baby may take the first feeding at the breast.
  • You and your baby may remain skin-to-skin for up to 2 hours.
  • Do not hand the baby to family members or friends during this time as your baby will get cold.

Birth Certificates

The Birth Certificate process at Minden Medical Center is performed via Electronic Birth Certificate Software (EBC). Information is obtained from the parents via a form provided by the Nursery personnel. A Health Information Management Technician transports information from the form into the Electronic Birth Certificate. The HIM Technician must obtain a parent’s signature prior to discharge. Parents are instructed to ensure that all information on the certificate is correct due to the fact that the LA Vital Records Registry imposes a $27 correction fee per error.

In the event a signature is not obtained, a certified letter must be mailed by the day following discharge. Weekend discharges would be mailed the following working day. A parent is given 5 days to sign the Birth Certificate. All certificates must be mailed within 15 days from the date of birth.

Louisiana Vital Records Registry
P.O. Box 60630
New Orleans, LA 70160
Attention: Records Acceptance Clerk


A Complimentary Birth Certificate is a service provided by Minden Medical Center. The Certificate is used as a keepsake for the family of the newborn. (This is not the actual Birth Certificate) Footprints of the baby are obtained by the Nursery personnel. this typed by the Health Information Management Technician, signed by the delivery physician, and the Administrator of Minden Medical Center. Upon completion the certificate is mailed to the parents.


Minden Medical Center  318-377-2321
Minden Medical Center HIM  318-371-5620
Minden Medical Center Birth Certificates  318-371-3202
La. Vital Records Registry  1-504-219-4500
Webster Parish Health Unit  1-318-371-3030
Webster Parish (Clerk of Court)  1-318-371-0366

For more information about Health Information Management, please send an email to Shannon Brown


What can I expect from MMC? 

You can expect to always be very satisfied with the care you receive from MMC Special Deliveries. We are dedicated to giving you the best quality of care offered by a local name you can trust. You can expect a highly trained perinatal staff. Each nurse completes and keeps current AWHONN fetal heart monitoring as well as many other certifications. We have instructors for all of these certifications in house. We have a state of the art Central Electronic Fetal Monitoring System, GE Centricity Perinatal system that allow us to monitor up to 9 laboring patients at a time centrally all viewable from 12 locations throughout the Lu0026amp;D unit. All of this is from the comfort of your private labor, deliver, recover, and post-partum birthing suite.

Why attend Child Birth classes?

MMC provides a Lamaze based childbirth class free of charge to all Women’s Clinic patients. We want our patients to be as prepared as possible for the birth of their newborn. Our childbirth class offers information about what to expect @ MMC, information and discussion of pain management options, breathing and relaxation techniques for all stages of labor, information on infant security, and general information about actual Labor and Birth. Any patient who wishes to use birth aids such as the birth ball, portable monitor for walking, birth bar, or different pushing positions will need to attend class. This class also offers your orientation to the hospital itself and procedure to follow when you come in for delivery.

Who performs the epidurals?

We do offer epidurals for pain relief. Epidurals are preformed by our Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA’s) at the bedside.

What options are available for pain management?

We offer several options for pain management. We offer IV medicine, epidurals, walking, use of the birth ball, help with focal points and relaxation techniques.