Heart and Vascular Center

Minden Medical Center is pleased to announce that in an effort to make the most advanced equipment available to our patients; we have acquired an Innova® 3100IQ, all-digital cardiovascular and interventional imaging system from GE Healthcare. Our physicians can now use the GE Innova 3100 IQ to view internal anatomy when performing diagnostic procedures and treating potential coronary artery and vascular disease that could cause heart attacks or other serious cardiovascular damage.

Manufactured by GE Healthcare, the Innova 3100IQ is the latest addition to GE’s line of Innova digital flat panel cardiovascular and interventional imaging systems. “Physicians are now able to perform cardiac, angiographic, vascular and interventional procedures with a single system, and often in one visit. The GE Innova® 3100IQ all digital cardiovascular and interventional imaging system is helping Minden Medical Center’s physicians to better visualize the blood vessels and anatomy of the heart, as well as blood vessels throughout the entire body – even small, fine vessels all the way to the fingertips,” according to George E. French, III , CEO at Minden Medical Center. “These minimally invasive procedures also reduce risk, lessen pain and stress, shorten recovery times and lower procedure expenses.”

“The remarkable utility of GE’s Innova 3100IQ allows us to diagnose and treat cardiovascular patients who have a wide range of conditions, all on one system,” said Dr. Wenwu Zhang, Cardiologist. “Many patients coming to Minden Medical Center have both coronary and vascular conditions, which we can now more accurately and efficiently diagnose – and in some cases even treat – during a single procedure. This eliminates the stress and inconvenience of having to undergo multiple procedures.”

“The images produced by this machine are incredible. It’s like going to high definition TV,” said Dr. Phillip Rozeman, Cardiologist. “It allows us to safely maneuver the smallest medical devices – such as stents and guide wires – during balloon angioplasties, vascular interventions and other clinical procedures. This opens up new opportunities for Minden Medical Center to provide a wide range of image-guided, minimally invasive treatment options that offer patients advantages over traditional surgery.”

The Heart Center team is led by Dr. Phillip Rozeman, Cardiologist. Dr. Rozeman is the president and a founding physician of Cardiovascular Consultants. He has been a practicing cardiologist since 1984. He brings extensive experience and expertise in the field of invasive cardiology, having performed over 6,000 diagnostic heart catheterizations, over 1000 balloon angioplasty or stent placements over his career. Dr. Rozeman joined the Minden’s staff in 1995 with satellite clinic for easier access for area patients. He now has a full time office and staff working with The Heart Center.

Dr. Wenwu Zhang runs the Peripheral Vascular Disease Clinic at Minden Medical Center. Dr. Zhang is a Vanderbilt-trained cardiologist who is board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine, and Interventional Cardiology. Dr. Zhang offers a variety of technologies to treat peripheral vascular disease at Minden Medical Center including balloon angioplasty, stenting, atherectomy, and cryoplasty.

To schedule an appointment: Dr. Phillip Rozeman (318) 377-3425 or Dr. Wenwu Zhang (318) 631-6400
Heart and Vascular Center 318-371-4048.