Preparing for Surgery


The day before your scheduled procedure, usually between noon and 4, you will be contacted by a nurse from the Day Surgery Unit.  She will ask questions and give you information regarding pre-surgery instructions like when to stop eating/drinking, what medications you will need to take and which ones need to be on hold, your time of arrival, the check-in process, and if you need pre-op tests performed the day prior to surgery.  Please have a list of medications available for her to review with you and something to write pertinent information on to remind you of what you need to do or not do.  If you have not received a call by 4pm the day before your procedure, please call the Day Surgery Unit at 318-371-5630.  You may also call this number if you need to reschedule or cancel your procedure.


If your procedure is an outpatient procedure and you will not be admitted to the hospital afterward you only need to bring your drivers’ license and insurance card.  You also need a responsible adult to drive you home.  If you know that you will be admitted please bring your toiletry items like toothbrush, toothpaste, bathrobe, brush, and non-slip footwear.  The hospital will provide a gown for you.  If you are a maternity patient you will need an infant car seat and something for the baby to wear home.  Maternity patient are not contacted by the Day Surgery Unit.  They should be contacted by the Labor and Delivery Department.  Patients need to leave their valuables at home.  The hospital can’t be responsible for lost or stolen items!  There is a vault available for emergency situations when valuables cannot be sent home with family members.


Some infectious agents have become resistant to the antibiotics we use.  As a result, controlling diseases and preventing infections from spreading is more crucial than ever, and doing so begins with measures every individual can take.  Some patients will be required to come to the hospital for pre-op testing and at that time you may be given an antibacterial skin cleanser to use prior to surgery.  Some will receive this from your surgeon.  If you are not required to be here prior to day of surgery you should use an antibacterial soap, like Dial, or you can purchase Hibiclens body wash at your local pharmacy or Walmart.  You should use it the day before your procedure and the morning of as well.  Concentrate on the surgical area but also wash under folds of skin and breasts.  Do not use soap after you have used the antibacterial skin cleanser.  If you want to use soap use it first and then follow with the Hibiclens.