Free Foot Screenings in Homer

February 4, 2015

Homer, Louisiana, February 2015. - You are invited to a FREE Foot Screening and Forum February 19th from 9am-12pm to help identify potential problems and educate patients regarding proper shoe fit.  Jason Granger, PT, and Chelsy Parker, PT, will be on-site at the Homer Physical Therapy clinic to provide free screenings and education, along with Dr. Stefan Lorincz, foot and ankle surgeon and podiatrist, who will be available to answer many questions regarding foot and ankle problems.  The screenings are FREE and open to the public.  Anyone who might be experiencing problems of the foot or ankle is encouraged to attend.  No appointment is necessary, but you may register for a screening in advance by calling Homer Physical Therapy at 927-9227. 

Since the foot is one of the most complex parts of the body, consisting of 26 bones connected by numerous joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments it is susceptible to many stresses. Foot problems can cause pain, inflammation, or injury, resulting in limited movement and mobility.

There are many types of foot problems including foot pain caused by improper foot function and improperly fitted shoes. Shoes that fit properly and provide good support can prevent irritation to the foot joints and skin. The right or wrong shoe can be the key.  Having both your foot and walking pattern examined can ensure you are buying the right type of shoe for your foot.

Foot pain may also result from a previous accident, weight gain, arthritis, or hereditary factors.  While foot pain is something that many people try to ignore, problems with the foot or improper foot function, could also be causing problems in your ankles, knees, hips and even in your back. If the normal way of walking is painful, we instinctively change our walking pattern. If for example, you have arthritis, and your big toe joint hurts, you may change the way you walk, known as your ‘gait’, to avoid bending the joint when you walk.  When foot pain or a foot deformity causes you to change your gait, it changes the way the bones of all the other joints move with each other. Cartilage in the joints can wear down, ligaments and tendons can be stressed beyond their normal range, and arthritis can set in. 

If your feet or ankles aren’t working right, don’t ignore them! Stop by Homer Physical Therapy for a free Foot Screening and Forum February 19th from 9am-12pm.  No appointment is necessary, but you may register for a screening in advance by calling Homer Physical Therapy at 927-9227.